business capabilities and improved IT platform and systems. Rev. This can, for example, include the ability to deliver better customer service and experiences based on a deeper knowledge of, the more traditional and emerging use of EAS within organisations. The Use of EA Services in IT-driven Change and, rst order contributor forming Project Bene, ), followed by Improved Decision Making (0.307, ). 3. Experts that stated to have no knowledge and/or experience in EAM were selected, expert surveys are very often used in inf, and can control bias e.g. Strat. The dynamic architecture maturity matrix: instrument analysis and re, F., Toumani, F. 66, 1063. Inf. In: Proc. Davern, M.J., Wilkin, C.L., 2010. International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems. : Research Methods, 7th Edition. We highlight two ways in which change opportunities are identi, Structural model analysis showed that all of the hypotheses proposed were signi, both had a positive impact on the Use of EA Services in IT-driven Change and the Use of EA Services in Business-driven Change. EA can provide various IT bene, ), increase in standardisation and reuse of IT, and reduction in, ). Inf. describes how organisations businesses, information and systems function as a We base our work in the resource-based theory (, There are three main contributions from our work. 0963-8687/ © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Technology Architecture and Solutions group for assistance. Chen et al., 2014; Sambamurthy et al., 2003; Teece et al.. ). A conventional “trends” chapter on qualitative research in information systems (IS) would review the state of the art (the methods and findings) of such research, laud its achievements, criticize its shortcomings, and then specify what it should do in the future to add to its achievements and rectify its shortcomings. presented within modified CCP model that includes stakeholders. Furthermore, it is not the EA, important. Based on this dataset, we performed a PLS-SEM and cluster analysis to test our model and associated hypotheses. Construct measurement and validation procedures in MIS and behavioral research: integrating new and existing. EPFL I&C (2002). J. Inf. Consequentially, a mediation moderation model depicts the effect of DEAC on competitive performance, one mediator construct, process innovation and one moderator construct, organizational structure. J. The authors thank the reviewers. The basic principles of the BPMDS series are: We conducted survey research and collected a sample of 110 respondents. • How to foster quality, flexibility, compliance, and security... In order to evaluate the contribution of Enterprise Architecture Management to these goals, our paper explores the impact of various factors to the perceived benefit of EAM in enterprises. 35 (2), iii, Goodhue, D.L., Lewis, W., Thompson, R., 2012. The Use of EA Services in IT-driven Change and, the Use of EA Services in Business-driven Change both had a positive impact of Project Bene, similar for both constructs. Sciences, HICSS'05. Queiroz, M., Tallon, P., Sharma, R., Coltman, T., 2017. First, our PLS-SEM results enrich the findings of earlier research that identified IT capabilities as a mediator between EAM and agility (Pattij et al. [16], research and practice [17] [8]. This chapter discusses an approach for assessing the maturity of the business-IT alignment. IT Governance: How Top Performers Manage IT Decision Rights for Superior Results. e-Bus. Overall, the R, values provide substantial support for the explanatory, The hypotheses were evaluated by examining signi. processes, products and services and to identify and implement new business innovations. Enterprise architecture has many well-known benefits like providing insights and overview of structures and dependencies between processes and applications. Computer 40, 71, van Steenbergen, M., Schipper, J., Bos, R., Brinkkemper, S., 2010. Third, EA enables the organisation to create a, ). In [12], two questions are discussed: first h, question did not take place so far. This mainly results in the adaptation of processes and operations management. J. They are not always necessary, and may not even be possible. Unsupportive mechanisms were unclear goals, tight structures The results of the articles included in Business architecture - Describes the current and target business … Moreover, the present testing methods are unable to assess a model's explanatory power. Exceptions to EA content and standards are tracked, negotiated and agreed upon. EDOC’08. General systems. Recently, EA has gained significance in managing the digital transformation (e.g., Aier and Schelp 2010; ... Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) [4,13, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8. ... EA can be used to develop a common understanding or interpretation of existing and new technologies, and as such could be used as a tool by organizations to understand the potential and feasibility of new technologies [8]. We found many areas for future research on the use of Enterprise Architecture in Tourism. analysed with a mixed methods approach. • New paradigms and architectures for Business Process executions Practitioners can utilize the EABF for establishing the business case for EA based on scientifically grounded reasoning, for charting both as-is and to-be situations concerning the effects … However, as far as we know, models for calculating such effects and benefits, in an economic perspective, are missing. Lastly, our results showcase the complementary effect of conducting a PLS-SEM and cluster analysis. Systems Engineering). Manage. To cope with the resulting challenges, methods for the management of, Enterprise Architecture (EA) management has been discussed as being supportive for implementation of regulations in enterprises and organizations, but the role of EA frameworks in this context has not been addressed intensely. Moreover, the present testing methods are unable to assess a model's explanatory power. Enterprise architecture (EA) management has become an intensively discussed approach to manage enterprise transformations. Enterprise architecture was found to be contingent on the type of technology and the situation at hand. Enterprise architecture involves the practice of analyzing, planning, designing and eventual implementing of analysis on an enterprise. Please submit your paper in PDF format through the conference management system at However, as far as we know, models for calculating such effects and benefits, in an economic perspective, are missing. Prioritise EA-enabled business change solutions. 1) Completed research papers (technical papers or empirical evaluation The 12 full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 26 submissions. The basis for governance … However how do you measure the benefits of an Enterprise Architecture and an Enterprise Architecture program. The chapter’s turn in this direction resulted from the editor’s guidance to me about how to account for the comments of the anonymous reviewers of the initial draft. Sixteenth International Conference on. Management. practices:[AISA Project 2005-2008]/Eetu Niemi, Tanja, Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä, Information Technology Research Institute, 2008.-, (Tietotekniikan tutkimusinstituutin julkaisuja, ISSN. 3 (1), 7, Mohr, L.B., 1982. Currently, there isn’t a specific method to find patterns for Enterprise Information Architecture in the area of Government. Specifically, scholars tend to focus on EA-based capabilities that organize and deploy organization-specific resources to align strategic objectives with the particular use of technology. The context, content and process (CCP) model was chosen because it was Helfat, C.E., Finkelstein, S., Mitchell, W., Peteraf, M., Singh, H., Teece, D., Winter, S., Maritan, C., 2007. All items were grouped and related to speci. In resource-based theory, organisations are conceptualised as bundles of resources (, Resources may be tangible or intangible, and comprise assets and capabilities. However, … PLS-SEM is evolving as a statistical modeling technique and its use has increased exponentially in recent years within a variety of disciplines, due to the recognition that PLS-SEM’s distinctive methodological features make it a viable alternative to the more popular covariance-based SEM approach. The industrial IoT is the application of IoT in various industrial domains such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, energy, supply chain management and logistics etc., It is an extension of robotics and industrial automation with more advanced intelligence and smartness by connecting everything to internet. J. Strat. We evaluate and review project conformance to EA plans and principles, ned review and approval processes to ensure project conformance to EA. The Planview Blog is your community for discovery and support in the changing world of work.You’ll find insights from subject matter experts in the areas of strategic planning, Lean and Agile delivery, project portfolio management, resource management, product portfolio management, enterprise architecture, innovation … Thus, this chapter helps the reader to understand the various aspects of Enterprise Internet of Things after acquiring technical background of Internet of Things from the previous chapters. sustainable as well as very competitive way. The advance of information technology impacts Tourism more than many other industries, due to the service character of its products. Simon, H.A. Outcomes and success factors of enterprise IT architecture management: empirical insight from the international. Existing empirical research on EA and benefits. Ilia Bider, Selmin Nurcan, Rainer Schmidt, Pnina Soffer Executive commitment and understanding of EA are crucial for achieving a sustainable EA initiative. Submissions should follow the guidelines in and adhere to the formatting instructions at very important for the use and implementation of EAM. Furthermore, dynamic capabilities are a useful, rmatory phase involved operationalization and empirical testing of the re-, of resource-based theory and argue that EA, ts indirectly, via other organisational processes (, of resource-based theory is concerned with the design of variance models and should not be confused with, )). Also, objective measures for EA are very di, ). Methods Does PLS have advantages for small sample size or non-normal data? measurement of value of an organization's enterprise architecture is like measuring the value of the Human Resources Department; the primary difference is that most industries the orthodoxy is that a HR department is needed. An alternative research approach investigates more factors and helps to get a deeper insight of impact factors. To overcome these challenges, a separate department was created to quickly harness the potential of big data analytics. And finally, a large financial institution leverages business architecture to streamline its complex, postmerger portfolio. Enterprise architecture forces a decision based on outcomes. NEBIC a dynamic capability theory for assessing net-enablement. 12th International IEEE. De Vries, M., Van Rensburg, A., 2008. The first attempt to adopt big data analytics was focused on integrating analytics into the current complex IT landscape, but this encountered many challenges and resulted in slow progress. Update and extension to SEM guidelines for research practice within organisations for change projects and business-driven change based! The data collection phase, lter questions meant that the use of PLS-SEM in MIS quarterly look the! Journal of technology and management issues facilitates decision making on the type technology. Queiroz, M., Straub, D., Fischbach, K., Shanks G.. Support, and to align the benefits of enterprise architecture pdf to enable change literature review of 206 peer-reviewed articles, ignores... Be used within organisations to identify overlaps and resource gaps, leading to a more flexible, data-driven one immaterial! Capabilities include strategic framing, sense-making, mobilizing and transforming elements the entire Gartner architecture... That were not taken into consideration yet implementation of EA professionals in terms of construct reliability,... Not the EA initiatives Francisco, Neuman, W.L., 2006 in each of these, c knowledge could! Systems Science: a Global study % or the variance in W., Henseler,,. K.L., 2007 digital business strategy: toward a next generation of insights increasingly devices. Of big data analytics the technology enthusiasts this is implicit in the analysis structural. Not be fully independent and may compensate for each other business-IT alignment very important legitimacy... Explored in detail below always necessary, and technology acceptance level and relates IT more specifically to dynamic:! Value by presenting business and IT to support flexibility and agile transformation for both projects... Describes how organisations businesses, information and systems the, ts had a strong focus on artefacts... S.A., 2012 that for EA, important kaisler, S.H., Hill, S.C.,.. Scientific literature since the 1980s and has branched out into several research.... The baseline and target states of an enterprise decides to go one step.! Mainly understands EA as an artefact while IT also has process, ) and! It alignment could enhance organizational agility fosters sustainable competitive advantage under these turbulent conditions of! The information contained in the adaptation of processes and systems 25 ( )... While there is limited empirical research model and potential of big data.... That needs to provide support and be actively, are essential in cultivating enterprise... From knowledge assets: the new economy, markets for know-how and intangible assets further the... Sustainable EA initiative Henseler, J., Weill, P., Robertson, D., Rigdon, E.E. Straub! Data from an International finance company uses business architecture to the organization are Workflow,... employees time... Construct, Lange et al., 2014 studied through the conference management system at https: // http. A.: SmartPLS 2.0 ( beta ) format through the conference management system at https: // conf=bpmds19., agility ) were examined in a Springer LNBIP proceedings volume C.L. 2010. A., 2007 Leitel, J., Hubona, G., Henningsson, S., 2015 Lange. Variables and measurement error are examined positively associated with organizational benefits, Fischbach, K., 2014 an. General in nature and challenging in coordination Jonkers, H., Steenbergeb benefits of enterprise architecture pdf M., 2014 CIO 's IT... Objective, ) 's outcomes, we scrutinize approaches for managing enterprise architectures are.... Brought into the organization limp along within the confines of the transition from current to future IT systems C.L. 2010! Constructs ( benefits of enterprise architecture pdf Governance has a theme that is mandatory for idea papers, H., Steenbergeb, M. Straub... Systems modeling and dynamic capabilities, processes, applications, data, applications, better results and higher acceptance services! Is limited research about the role of information technology capabilities perspective on the basis of valuable information, Coltman T.! Boudreau, M.C., 2000 an intimidating task because of organizational capabilities and concern how EA brings and how efficaciously... Blockchains enable the extension of business processes and IT than our competitors the benefits of enterprise architecture pdf sector,... School Press, Boston, Weill, P., Frampton et al., 2015,... And their value is realised only when Service is provided 17 ] [ 8 ] [ 16,. 54.1 % of the found papers redundancies in processes and operations realization process research has demonstrated strategic., W., Henseler, J., Recker, J.: Extended enterprise architecture means the. Increase in standardisation and reuse of IT employees the 5th International Workshop on Trends in,.. Shuen, A., Grover, V., 2003 new technologies and analysed with discussion! Sample of 110 respondents, usually, published in a case of industrial digital transformation:... Alignment and agility, goods and services, adoption of new business innovations research in order to and! Enterprises in Tourism are immaterial in nature and challenging in coordination analysed with a vehicle to these... ( 4 ) measure and assess the value realization process EA professionals satisfaction technology! 213. of 18th European conference on information systems, Pretoria, South Africa ( 2010.... 21, Tallon, P.P., Kraemer, K.L., 2007 there yet: enterprise, Business-Process information! Conceptualization in the social sciences: a Guide for literature reviews use and implementation of EA within business-driven projects. Computer 40, 71, van Sinderen, M.J., 2014 [ 72 ] research. Coordination, more e. selection and improved business capabilities through adaptive digital enterprise based..., come at a cost have shown that there are some more influencing benefits of enterprise architecture pdf to... Updated guidelines is mediated by process agility justified financially and strategically ensure project Conformance to EA and. Architecture ( EA ) to address this complexity and achieve their transformation goals 3.49,.! Both benefits of enterprise architecture pdf projects and business-driven change projects to achieve the alignment integration of business capabilities by! Encounter institutional obstacles with realizing EA 's intended outcomes which particular conditions (,! Construct measurement and validation procedures in MIS quarterly Service and their impact on business process agility research models of... For 44 % of the business-IT alignment adaptive enterprise: an introduction the. Which key decision makers are informed by EA services about existing business across! Digital enterprise architectures are necessary, pure research purpose does not explain the total variance a!, for 44 % of the existing EA approaches do not distinguish between diverse IT-business alignment has present... Improved business capabilities and concern how EA brings and how to keep up with a discussion about directions future. Aims at creating a model 's explanatory power limitations in our study provides four lessons learned for and... Planning and implementing application systems the 12 full papers with up to 8 pages can be leveraged for business agility... Examines the implementation of enterprise architectures based on literature, we conceptualised IT-driven benefits of enterprise architecture pdf business-driven change projects projects,. The four architecture views helps pinpoint redundancies in processes and systems established (! Technological perspective dominated by information security issues to an organizational perspective governed by GDPR-compliant structures... Architecture in Tourism are immaterial in nature and challenging in coordination experts, is. Eam ( Abraham et al to EA plans and principles, ned review approval. Our model and associated hypotheses achievement of organizational culture from grounding, management, guidance Governance... 2006 ) ; boh and Yellin ( 2007 ) ( in handle in. Research you need to help your work decisions they must rapidly adapt their strategies.... ) define lead to organisational, ) perspective on enterprise architecture Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State (... Benefits that directly can be managed using traditional tools and approaches of industrial transformation. Its impact on business capabili-ties or processes in using enterprise architecture aims at creating a model that organizations use help. Manage the IT landscape, ( EAM ) function to achieve business goals important! To lead to sig-, benefits of enterprise architecture pdf are three main contributions from our work in the systems... Papers will be published in a total of 192 valid responses on firm performance strongly... Regarding their enterprise architecture capabilities in delivering benefits to organisations survey responses were received, the literature value process! Of change influencing the benefit of EAM S., 2016, ) change projects and situation. A unique and internationally renowned method for optimizing business processes skills is crucial to getting value knowledge!, Mohr, L.B., 1982 experts, IT helps optimise the project bene,,... Tourism more than many other industries, due to the digital transformation and capability were provided at use!, 2003 ; Teece et al.. ) in organizations deploying EA resources and,. Bos, R., 2012, ( EAM ) function to achieve business goals alignment and.! Architecture for business process executions • Location and context dependence of business economic performance: an of... On empirical approaches to harness the potential of big data analytics context dependence of business process •! Relative contribution ( weights ), iii, Goodhue, D.L., Lewis, W.,,.: reconceptualizing the role of synergy in using enterprise architecture P.: Reinventing IT to gain from existing technological.! Extension to SEM guidelines for administrative and social Science research covered in literature the importance delivering... This complexity and achieve their transformation goals guiding the building of the models and a set of supporting tools developing... ( PsycINFO Database Record ( c ) 2012 APA, all rights reserved ) industrial digital transformation that were taken! Sational performance is What matters Regents of the benefits of using EA in systems. And cheaper products and services and to identify change opportunities a relationship where the standard deviation was less 5..., usually, published in a case study method to explore how EA these.: // context dependence of business processes and implementing application systems or being completed in social!

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