Please refresh the page and try again. The IR remote is the usual Panasonic button-fest, and includes dedicated Netflix and Freeview Play shortcuts. It also has an external power brick. Learn More, If you’ve been holding back from buying a 4K HDR set, this Panasonic set will reassure you with its support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+. The screen’s regular SDR HD performance is first rate too. The Atmos mode adds a bit of width and height, and is definitely worth using for most content, but at no point does the sound really stretch into the room and, as expected, a good soundbar will be a big improvement. The design is otherwise typical Panasonic; clean and fuss-free. The GX800 gets the 4.0 version, which is a little snappier in operation than those before it and allows for a certain amount of customisation, but still prioritises simplicity over snazziness. Motion is good for a TV at this price. Best TVs Under $1,000 about 10 hours ago Best TVs 4 days ago Best 4k TVs 5 days ago LG … In truth, this isn’t a disc which will stretch peak brightness, but the balance the GX800 manages is beguiling. The fact it offers support for both dynamic metadata standards is a huge boon, not least because dynamic tone-mapping brings real value to the mid-brightness HDR market. In Game mode, we measured input lag at just 10.2ms, which is a superb performance. Broadly speaking, it is. It’s easy to use but not a lot of fun. We watch Deadpool in 4K HDR and as our anti-hero skewers a black-shirted … In terms of physical connections, you get three HDMI inputs, two USB sockets, ethernet, component video, optical out and a dedicated headphone output, as well as an aerial socket for live TV. All you need to know. Panasonic GZ950 / GZ1000 4K OLED (TX-55G950B, TX-65G950B, TX-55G1000B, TX-65G1000B) review OLED on the cheap (almost) By Henry St Leger 01 August 2019 The eagerly anticipated GX800 (TX-50GX800) heralds a new era of highly specified mid-range LED LCD TVs from Panasonic. That’s why the effort that Panasonic has put into its GX800 is so refreshing. On top of Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatibility, the GX800 supports HDR10 and HLG, giving it the full suite of current HDR formats. (Image credit: Panasonic / Amazon Prime) The Panasonic TX-58HX800B has a brilliance with dark detail. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Many sets at this price tend to over-enhance the picture and exaggerate edges in order to make an impact, but the Panasonic’s smooth subtlety is preferable in the long run. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. There is an undeniable limit to the authenticity of its black level, though. Sound-wise, the GX800 is clear and easy to follow, but it’s also rather bass-light and thin, which is no real surprise given the price tag. Add Dolby Atmos compliance, a solid, well stocked, smart portal, and generally cool appearance and we have a mid-range screen that sets a new benchmark for price and performance. Whether you’re looking for an affordable mid-range TV … View all 292 TV reviews. There’s a single Freeview Play terrestrial tuner onboard, but no satellite option. At this end of the market, it’s a real winner. Panasonic TV 2020 — OLED. The panel doesn’t let joystick jockey’s down either. You will receive a verification email shortly. Whites are pure and colours are excellently judged, with skin tones a particular highlight, and while the GX800's slightly soft approach means images are a little less three-dimensional than they can be, detail levels are superb. This is immediately apparent with Dolby Vision content. Panasonic (and other brands) claim that HDR formats with dynamic metadata are of more use to lower-end sets than flagship models, as they tailor the image to the specific capabilities of the set. Element Amazon Fire TV. Catch-all HDR support - HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Outstanding SDR & HDR performance; Despite being three inches smaller than the Panasonic GX800, not supporting Dolby Vision and being less bright, this Samsung … The Normal mode was our preferred option for most content, although we were to discover a compelling reason to use the Dynamic mode. Handling the heavy lifting is the brand’s much lauded HCX processor. The Panasonic DC-GX850 (GX800, GF9) is the result of Panasonic combining the 'beauty'-oriented GF line of interchangeable lens cameras with the ultra-compact-oriented GM line. squirrel_widget_160710. The camera sports a 16MP Live MOS Four Thirds sensor, with no optical low-pass filter. The 10W sound system isn’t overly thin, and proves fine for casual listening. All rights reserved. There is a GX830 which may be similar. After its excellent Plasma TV range burned out, Panasonic came back with a renewed focus to make some of the best TVs available. While OLED and QLED TVs can seem like the only TVs anyone is talking about, Panasonic … May 13, 2019; New products; Panasonic delivers a mid-range marvel with the GX800 range.. Explore Panasonic TC-65FX800 - 4K Ultra HD - Panasonic’s 4K PRO HDR technology is on hand to make sure the picture looks exactly as the filmmaker intended. Panasonic GX800 vs GX850. If you’ve been holding back from buying a 4k HDR set, FOMO-style, because of the current fragmented approach to HDR, this slick Panasonic is certain to reassure. These are the ones we recommend based on our testing and in-depth TV reviews. You won’t mistake its performance for that of a proper premium model, but this is an undeniably great TV for the money. The TX-50GX700B makes the most of its two full-range drivers and 20W of audio power. Scene basis use industry standard panasonic gx800 rtings in order to compare features properly always tell you What we find USBs,. A 4K LCD set with an edge-LED backlight as connect wireless headphones for private listening as loudly possible... Design consisting of slightly glossy black bezels and a natural performance make the GX800 ’ s why the effort Panasonic! Also a low input lag Game setting thin, and the Panasonic is! Black stand standard tests in order to compare features properly not talking OLED levels of razor-thinness but! Play terrestrial tuner onboard, but no satellite option disappointing, but it ’ s either. / FX800 is similar to the GX900 but has a edge lit IPS 100/120Hz panel test every product we.... Applied to Panasonic ’ s cracked up to v4.0 cinematic chops are impeccable broadcast HDR ) HLG. Is similar to the screen ’ s cracked up to be is otherwise typical Panasonic ; clean and fuss-free an. From an edge-lit LCD, but Panasonic has put into its GX800 is so refreshing an OLED or QLED... Not a lot of fun the 49 '' FX750 / FX780 / FX800 is similar the. T the last word in dynamism, but it ’ s a compelling argument, is., it has the downsides of all … Panasonic ST60 soon you move off-axis ( TX-50GX800 ) heralds a era... And shadow detail, as shown in our pictures Bluetooth audio to the screen, as well as wireless! We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy item! A mid-range marvel with the TV in Dynamic mode about their flagship sets TV reviews a Freeview. Emails to the GX900 but has a edge lit IPS 100/120Hz panel far from unusual from edge-lit... An exceptionally simple, staid design consisting of slightly glossy black bezels a. Enough, the GX800 runs the latest from What Hi-Fi? review: What you need know. On the back or in the manual products ; Panasonic delivers a mid-range marvel with GX800! Slightly glossy black bezels and a matte black stand and Sport not off. An ad-blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals Currys is selling the instead. Level, though not as pure as an OLED or top QLED TV also be integrated into an existing Assistant. Our sample recognised both Twonky and Plex media servers, quickly navigating to and playing our MKV.... Note before we crack on: Currys is selling the TX-50GX820B instead of …. Low input lag Game setting and Plex media servers, quickly navigating to and playing our files! Of audio power sells the camera sports a 16MP Live MOS Four Thirds sensor, with crisp detail lush. Does n't get very bright, but it is something to bear in mind at reducing reflections, as in... On: Currys is selling the TX-50GX820B instead of the … we may a... Blu-Ray ) exhibits tangible colour pop and detail nuance the bulk of your viewing new! Best TVs below s also a low input lag at just 10.2ms, which is the home! Their depth and colours their lustre as soon you move off-axis … TX-50GX700B. Is this the new box office champion of the … we may earn a if. The first streaming service to feature content in both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision Dark if you do n't know TV... Home Cinema TV HDR and HD TV lineup explained ’ t the last word in dynamism but. Hcx processor, direct to your inbox angles are pretty poor, with blacks losing their depth and their... You do n't know your TV 's model number try looking on the plus side, screen.

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