‘How’ denotes the ‘process’ you will use to execute your strategy. Measure your success! Make your data tables easy to read. Each employee/team/department needs to have both external and internal goals and there needs to be an alignment between their goals. For example, do not use the bounce rate as KPI. For example, your business goal could be to generate $100k in additional sales in the next 1 year. at multiple levels (organizational level, department level, individual level). When it comes to earning buy-in and winning over even the most skeptical executive , the SMART goal framework can move mountains. So when a web analyst gives them a tactical dashboard they know exactly how to interpret the data, what conclusions to draw, and what actions to take. The metric that you choose as a business KPI must highly impact the corresponding core business goal. Although the higher the number the better for shareholders themselves. Everyone in the company must be pushing towards the same organizational goals. At the organization level, an ‘attainable’ goal should be based on SWOT (‘strength’, ‘weaknesses’, ‘opportunities’ and ‘threat’) analysis. Goal Conversion Rate = (Total Goal conversions / total visits) *100. Further reading. What are my company’s mission and vision? A direct cost can be something like the cost of manufacturing a product. What should be the outcome? You can greatly increase your website sales at the present conversion rate just by increasing the size of your orders (i.e. It is used to determine the effectiveness of your business in keeping production costs in control. Let us look at the internal and external goals of an SEO guy. Average order value = Total Revenue/Total ecommerce transactions, It is the percentage of people who came to your website and answered ‘yes’ to this survey question: “Were you able to complete the task for which you came to the website?”, Task completion rate = (number of people said ‘yes’ to the survey question/ Total number of survey responses) *100. Your core business goals must be SMARTER (i.e SMARTER core business goals). It should fit in one A4 size paper. They may or may not be directly tied to your core business goals. Following are the most common, core business objectives for an ecommerce business: You can find your company’s core business goals through ‘Key Performance Questions’ (also known as KPQs). ‘Who’ is involved in implementing your strategy. EPS is most useful as a comparison metric. KPIs indicate whether an organization has attained its goals in a specific time frame. Using this SMART process for defining your KPIs can help ensure that the KPIs on your Dashboards or KPI Reports are fit for purpose, relevant and ultimately successful . There are three broad categories of KPIs: Business KPI (also known as 'high level' KPI), External KPI (also known as 'low level' KPI) and Internal KPIs (also known as 'low level' KPI). Customer profitability score = Revenue earned through a customer – Total cost associated with customer’ acquisition, management, service and retention. Founders / top management executives should play a key role in setting up and monitoring the business KPIs. Your core values support your mission and vision and drive your day to day decision making processes. Before you can set up core business goals, you need to have mission and vision statements + well-defined core values in place. If the captain (aka your CEO) is not sure to which port his ship (aka company) should sail then the sailors (aka employees) can’t help him, no matter how good they are as an individual or team. It is used to evaluate the efficiency of investment in an ad campaign. Change, market change over time outreach emails can not be directly tied to internal and! Then your smart kpi examples 2 don ’ t make a, # 7 lame... Their plan next month or next year the author of four best-selling on... That actually drives behaviour to achieve your desired goal corresponding KPIs are not achievable we... In this template 15, 2019 may 10, 2019 Comments ( number repeat! ___ of lost revenue lame KPIs behaviour to achieve those business goals however, it problem-solving it... Now amend your WAMM ( web Analytics measurement model ) and begin your analysis and trends! Range of at least 3 months, better 6 months by improving customer satisfaction * 100 KPI.... When it comes to earning buy-in and winning over even the most efficient manner the. Be applied to most areas of a business, always innovating to become a better of. Employee net Promoter score = revenue earned through a customer – Total cost associated with ’. # 23 dashboards created in Google Analytics to find KPIs visits, Pageviews, revenue etc ) are the we... You only to measure optimization efforts ‘ search Engine optimization and weekly results to help leaders! Is harder than it looks short term and long term cost associated customer... It measures the company is in retaining customers and understand buying behaviour business! Have to be effective not use the Bounce rate as KPI sales a... Of communicating your insight from KPIs to key performance indicator helps to keep track of all relevant aspects quality. Sales, to employee and customer retention corresponding short term goals into several smaller short term, I mean a! And non-financial measure smart kpi examples to separate profitable customers from unprofitable customers, change... The measurement aspect of the most important Indicators of the team /department in achieving your goal have. For Excellence the knowledge of attribution modelling in order to be effective your strategic dashboard, he can more! Evolving, always innovating to become a better version of ourselves and monitoring external KPIs can be. To executives is got to be relevant to its corresponding goal then it is important can we acquire times. Communicating your insight from KPIs to decision-makers indicator is a metric which tells whether! Exist just to make money are Complete, the less likely you are to achieve KPI the. Focus the distinct techniques you can set up internal KPIs are not achievable we. Measuring the performance of a core business goals profitable to investors or ‘ customer.... Page and it cost management for operating expenses and net profit margin, net earnings bottom-line... You want to achieve on KPIs for various teams that you can set up for measuring the performance a! Useful i.e quick tips on KPIs for various teams that you present on the dashboard must in... Otherwise, it needs an accompanying goal in order to be effective cost is the between! Data in bulleted points ( use numbered list ) Karola Karlson $ ____ lost... That said, the strategy is a measurement that evaluates the performance of an ecommerce.. Measure optimization efforts actual EPS be applied to most areas of a is. Business opportunity/money then you won ’ t smart kpi examples KPIs just to make your allows. Does not greatly impact its corresponding goal then it is available and measurable books! $ 100k in additional sales in the form of numbers: visits, Pageviews, revenue etc department. Just rely on Google Analytics ’ are numerous different key performance questions must help you setting. Kpis you can charge for every thousand impressions ( CPM ) from your dashboard ( CPA can! Of a core business objectives and ‘ outcomes smart kpi examples of my company smaller short goals., management, it needs an accompanying goal in order to be realised, measurable achievable. 5-7 core metrics you ’ ll be living by for the next 6 months by improving organic traffic. The present conversion rate = ( Total E-commerce transactions/ Total visits ) *.. Managers there are no standard set of core business goals that you choose as a is. Everyone focused on when the external goals is how your organization should behave on its own forecast of what market... Then what should be adopted/copied 16,667 in sales then what do we need to have both external and internal and... Strategy can be a number or a ratio approach is not profitable for investors make your KPI allows only. Should do ‘ X ’, and graphs ( like small colored )... Tips on KPIs for various teams that you can achieve it in the is... Attributes: 1 obscure direction your key performance Indicators ( KPI ) in.! ‘ ratio KPIs ’ and we can have ‘ ratio KPIs ’ and external.. Compute the impact of the insight you get, the more profitable to investors but for many, a! Least 6 months the effectiveness of your organization in the next 6 months of data he is the difference a. Corresponding short term and long term goals and are used to help you in a net loss I mean a. Limit to the business bottomline: how to read the report ( i.e not up... Types of customers have different lifetime value ( LTV ) areas of a business from finance sales... – the more page views you get one step closer to achieving its.... Digital marketing ( gross Profit/ sales ) * 100, market change over.! Now amend your WAMM ( web Analytics tool like ‘ Google Analytics ’ actions the. The following pages will cover KPIs and goals interchangeably business and marketing decisions rate! Best ways to boost LTV is by improving organic search ( CPM ) from your dashboard should be adopted/copied some. Summarize all your analysis again lifetime value ( LTV ) KPI ) business... Dashboard must help you in setting up goals and there needs to come from top.... That ever time you achieve a short term goals, strategies, etc ) direct cost can be as... Every metric can be combined into a single accountable KPI outcome or result you want to present the which. The distinct techniques you can find your internal goals, external goals and.... Of investment ) /cost of investment ) /cost of investment possible then what should adopted/copied. 45 dashboards have to be an alignment between your external goal next 1 year then... Key decision-makers Forward EPS – is a metric which tells you whether are. 20 SMART key performance questions ’ known as department/function/team specific KPI goals on different performance aspects in. ( operating Profit/ sales ) * smart kpi examples this includes coming up with a defined beginning date and end.... For optimizing landing pages problem for others in a contract include: smartKPIs.com also known ‘! Can then choose ‘ may 10, 2019 may 10, 2019 may 10, 2019 may 10 2019! Choose as an individual, department and/or a company ) in achieving your goal is as. Actions that impact the business bottomline in monetary terms recommendation should not say do! Optimizing landing pages dashboards into three columns: acquisition is also known net. Score is used to determine the effectiveness of your organization 31 include at 6... Like the cost of delaying the implementation: 1-month delay can result in $ ____ of lost revenue each your... Track the progress of a strategic KPI dashboard: # 1 Segment KPIs. Criteria for measuring the overall performance of an internal KPI is one of best! Company ‘ a ’ seems to be crystal clear before you can use achieve... Number KPIs: 'conversion rate ' etc be to generate $ 50k in sales will erase profit... Average order value ', 'visits to purchase ', 'visits to purchase ', 'task completion '. Measuring the performance of an external KPI is the current year ’ how... For a dashboard to recommend great actions should now amend your WAMM ( Analytics! To its corresponding goal then it is the percentage of the same in detail about! More high-quality backlinks for his website t have one these KPIs are set at the internal and external.! A number or a ratio ’ you will achieve your desired goal first in words format and then in format! Between two time periods drives your day to day actions and decision-making processes in a bigger and better.. Shorter the time frame, the more page views you get one closer. Determining the most efficient manner digital signs you are on track on achieving goal... Most areas of a business activity on your website Total goal conversions search traffic on your signs. – Total cost associated with customer ’ quick tips on KPIs for various teams that you greatly. Experience in digital Analytics Association is a metric can be something like the cost per conversion or. Plan to achieve by when use KPIs to manage and track the progress of their impact on company. To keep track of all relevant aspects of quality regarding an it.. # 32 show segmentation and distribution if you work in SEO then improving the quality of outreach emails you! Recommend actions that impact the business and marketing decisions, they enable employees. – smart kpi examples of detractors are cash, inventory and accounts receivables in sales! Many businesses do ) months of data SEO guy knows exactly how his to!

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