Preislich ist die Seagull auch die günstigeste mit ca. Plugging in with Electronics. And I need help, really quick! Seagull has been around since 1982, and has persisted due to their unique sound, solid playability and affordable price. Thousands of companies set up shop there to make connections in the industry and promote their products. Although it’s difficult to predict the volatility of wood movement over long periods of time, we can infer many things by taking initial measurements and assessing any inconsistencies in areas like neck alignment and tuning issues. This inconsistency between adjacent strings would cause major playing issues as you move higher up the neck of the guitar. Personally the Seagull ended up at the bottom of what I liked, and the "low end" Taylors (1xx, 2xx series) felt and sounded incredible. Check Price And Reviews on Amazon. (Anything would be better than mine) lol. I have bought and sold numerous guitars of my own, so even before my extensive research for this review, I was familiar with most of the final candidates for the best beginner’s instrument. This guitar produced tons of sound with the brightness and clarity you’d expect from a Taylor, but at a reduced size compared to the other full-sized guitars. In our awesomeness score Seagull S6 Original ranks #2 out of 207 and Fender Paramount Series ranks #126 out of 207. I went with the Taylor BBT, It cost me just under $400. I'd like to stay in the $500 range. As for its value, you’ll need to scrounge the market far and wide if you want to find a better guitar for the buck. acoustic or acoustic electric less than 700 Seagull S6 Original is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. Pretty nifty to have such a great tool on your phone! But these Yamaha models are very similar in price yet fail to deliver the same quality. 9 years ago. Taylors are amazingly well built and sound great. This is almost always inhibiting and discouraging to children, and can lead them to put down the instrument during practice or even give it up completely. Thanks to Guitar Center in La Mesa and San Marcos, California, we were able to conduct and record our sound quality and tone testing in soundproofed, private lesson rooms in complete silence. Both are good guitars. We earn a commission when you purchase items through our links. The particular guitar we measured also had major intonation issues with one string. In addition to the Academy 12’s excellent playability, its quality of sound and solid construction are sure to make it a guitar that lasts a lifetime. Play a bunch of different guitars and see which ones speak to you. And the 10e is an imaginative and thoughtful guitar that clearly leverages lessons learned from Taylor’s already fruitful endeavors in this range. We were enamored by the sound of the beautiful, all-mahogany Ibanez – AW54OPN. If the guitar is properly intonated, then the instrument should maintain the same accuracy for each and every note as you move up the fretboard. Taylor Guitars has many great resources on the topic, and they commonly refer to these sonically characterized woods as tonewoods. Acoustic guitars are guitars that do not require electrical amplification. Generally, the bigger the guitar is, the bigger the sound will be. Having owned a Seagull as my first guitar, I can attest that they are a fine instrument that will last you at least a few years. I'm glad I found this forum! acoustic or acoustic electric less than 700 So let’s begin! looking to buy a better guitar. Hi, I'm looking to upgrade from an old Fender acoustic guitar to a better playing/ sounding guitar. Amusing Ourselves to Death - Neil Postman, 1985. Looking back, I wish I had waited for what I really wanted. Three different styles were performed and recorded on each guitar: While these sound clips may not hugely influence your decision, they were helpful for us to listen back to and reference the general character of each guitar. But if I moved around any less than I do, my go-to would be a GS Mini. The neck profile was very comfortable, and the action was quite low too. It was no contest. For that matter for what you pay for a cheap Taylor made with some exotic presswood sides, you can have an all solid wood Seagull Maritime or Artist series and I know you would choose the sound of those guitars over the cheap Taylor or Martin. Companies that have a reputation of guitars with great playability have those reputations for a reason. Seagull Guitars have been designed to be a step up from beginner instruments, but they aren't likely to have all the premium features of a high-end instrument. ... figured out how to voice their guitars for adequate bass and amplification/pickups in the interim so I bought a 110e. Seagull S6+CW Cedar top vs Taylor 110-E. But remember… it’s expensive to buy cheap! We don’t recommend these guitars, as they’re priced the same or higher than our top picks but don’t perform as well. For that matter for what you pay for a. The better playability and sound quality of the Artwood series blows away both the F335 and FS800 from contention. With a greater distance between the strings and the fretboard, the strings need to be pressed harder, a strain that you can feel in your fingers. While it does fall a bit short in its brightness and clarity when compared to a Taylor, it makes up for it with it’s warm mahogany wood sound and excellent playability. Check Price And Reviews on Amazon. And since part of the company's ethos is to make affordable guitars with features found in more expensive models, a Seagull acoustic guitar will often perform above its pay grade. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,656. The open D string compared to its octave on the 12th fret was off by +6 cents, but the G string was off by -5 cents. good luck In general, acoustic guitar necks should be somewhere from straight to very slightly bowed. You can’t go wrong with any of these, but we recommend avoiding the nylon string model unless you or your child plan to stick to classical fingerpicking. For this test, we tuned all open strings to their exact designated frequency (calibrated to 440 Hz), and then compared them to the resulting frequency of each string while fretted at the 12th fret. Any opinions from people who have played any or all of these would be greatly appreciated! I'm ordering it from India, so there's no chance I'm gonna get my hands on either of the two untill it gets here. Again, these are the details that make the Seagull’s S6 such a quality beginner guitar. If you like warmer sound, go for Seagull S6 but if you prefer brighter sound or have limited budget, we will recommend you to pick Yamaha FG830. I loved mine until I got my Martin, then found that I wasn't playing it ever since my 000-15 could do everything the Seagull could, was more comfortable, and exceeded the tone in every way. Ultimately I bought a Taylor 210ce which, for me, is easier to play and feels better. Guitars that cost around $300 or less tend to fall victim to these issues of quality. Seagull makes great instruments at an affordable price, and I’ve had the pleasure of playing many of them. Its neck was straighter and its action was lower. The Yamaha models we tested proved to harbor an excess of intonation inconsistencies, higher action and harsh overtones that can be heard in our recordings. $488.00. You won't go wrong with the SG S6. All of our reviews are unsponsored, so we earn money by using affiliate links. This wasn’t the case, as the guitar played and sustained beautifully in all areas. I am having the darndest time deciding which guitar to buy. I know adults who prefer the size and convenience of a smaller-sized guitar, and I’ve had young students that prefer the size of a full guitar. So what does this all mean? The perk of the PR-150 is that it’s extremely affordable. If you’re just starting out, we would probably recommend going for something a little bit cheaper. Kids will find this guitar very comfortable and easy to play due to its size, low action and lightweight construction. (D-15). Fender. When testing these guitars in person, we followed very standard measuring/recording techniques that can be easily understood and recreated here. Although this guitar has the bright and full sound of a Taylor, it does have less low-end bass response due to its smaller size. And I need help, really quick! Finally, the Seagull S6 has the option for electronics, although it’s cheaper to just get the acoustic version. The following are different between Favourite answer. These thin blades of steel allow us to measure the curvature of a guitar neck with a high level of precision. Join our newsletter to get notified of the best products available for your home. The Academy 12 was designed and built for the student guitarist. T here’s a beat-up Seagull S6 at AG’s office, which shows why that modest axe has a reputation not only as one of the best acoustic guitars you can buy for the price ($399 street), but also as a guitar that takes a lickin’ and keeps on pickin’. These guitars come with a deluxe gig bag for safe transport. (The Taylor 110e - One of my Top Picks for Acoustic Guitars Under $1,000) Ever since I first heard a Taylor guitar played in a live performance, I just had to have one. The Ibanez was the only guitar we tested that had this low of action throughout the entirety of the fretboard. or if you can suggest something better. Sometimes when the action of an acoustic guitar is too high, players will swap out the strings for a lighter gauge set. I’ve always said that there’s no greater joy in my life than setting someone up with a guitar that they love. I personally would rather have a 1 series Taylor than a Seagull. Tonally, what you prefer becomes more subjective, so it can be helpful to hear the guitars in this way before purchasing. Conclusion. While I didn't have the Sam budget as you, I was comparing Seagull to Taylor in the sub-$600 range. The first guitar I bought was a Seagull S6. Thanks for sharing this. Taylor’s Academy Series sets the bar for high quality and affordable beginner acoustic guitars, and the Taylor – Academy 12 is a shining star that accommodates all play styles. The Taylor – GS Mini is excellent for kids due to its reduced size and top-tier build quality and sound. Smaller bodies lead to less resonance and thereby a lesser sound output, particularly in bass response. Things To Consider Before Buying A Mid-Range Acoustic Guitar. Differences in tuning were recorded for any note that exceeded +/- three cents of its relative open string tuning. Vote on this Acoustic Guitars poll: Taylor GS Mini or Seagull S6? It sounds great but the wide neck made it difficult for me to play. Une Yamaha en bois massif comme la série L vaut 950 euros et elle sonne aussi bien que la Martin. Seagull is a Canadian company that produces handmade acoustic guitars. The wood type and construction have a huge impact on a guitar’s tone. Choosing a Taylor is choosing a guitar that will last a lifetime. Get the guaranteed best price on 6 String Acoustic Guitars like the Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar at Musician's Friend. (1155201) I’ve had many students over the years who started out with Yamaha guitars that needed adjustments right out of the box, and then would continue to warp over time. Depends on what sounds and feels good to you, I'd say. If I were you, i'd save up to get the taylor! I'm tired of my electric and would like an acoustic. 600 und die Furch kommt dann schon auf ca. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The Taylor – Academy 12 is our top choice for a beginner acoustic guitar. However, when the neck on an acoustic guitar has significant relief issues, it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to fix completely. Taylor vs seagull [question] Close. I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to you to hear that we’ve picked the Ibanez – AW54OPN over this Fender acoustic. These frets aren’t as frequently played on acoustic compared to electric guitars, especially for beginners, but a cutaway can be nice to have for some sweet acoustic guitar solos down the road. Practically speaking, acoustic guitars are guitars that don’t need to be plugged in. Due to its moderately low action and balanced neck relief, this guitar felt very easy to play. It’s definitely not cheap per se, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Many people become furious, and accuse me of lying, when I tell them that I prefer my three Masterbilts to any, and all, of my other Martins and Taylors and Gibsons..(5 Taylors incliding the 900 series for $3000, and 5 Martins including the HD-28 and the $3500 Martin J-40.) Don’t join countless others in the mistake of choosing a cheap instrument. Which do you prefer? Within these companies, essential components like wood quality and ultra-precise construction are made a priority in their manufacturing and quality control. Hello! The neck was straight and the action was very low. In the paid version of this app, you have access to “pro accuracy,” which measures each note down to the cent. When purchasing an acoustic guitar for new players and students, a very important trade-off arises. The Seagull – S6 is a classic. In our ears, the AW54 had a slightly bigger sound than the AC240. Founded in a small Canadian village in 1982, this company hand-makes quality guitars from sustainably-sourced woods. Having said this, I was surprised by the playability of the CD-60S. If a guitar is a long term relationship, the "bloated" Taylor price won't really make that much difference down the road. This is a standard method of measurement for guitar action. Laminates are multiple layers of thinly processed wood that have been pressed and bonded together with an adhesive for strength and stability. The neck is thinner and narrower than many other guitars in this price range, including the Seagull S6. To measure action, we used a precision ruler (1/64”) to measure the distance from the bottom of the low E and high e strings to the top of the 12th fret. This was incredibly useful and allowed us to record each guitar individually using an Apogee MiC 96k. When compared to the Taylor – Academy 12, this guitar sounded less bright and focused. Key Features. My main question is does the seagull s6 slim simply have a shorter nut width and thats it, or is the neck profile also slimmed down. and am petite with small hands so have narrowed it down to a Big Baby Taylor and the SEagull s6 slim. Changes in action through this method are unpredictable and can be inconsistent, thereby potentially leading to other problems such as string buzz and intonation issues. When poorly intonated guitars aren’t even “consistently poorly” intonated, attempting to fix them is almost always a losing battle. Guitars come in many different shapes and sizes. Seagull guitars are known for their bright sound. Usually, the necks of these cheaper guitars will warp over time due to poor manufacturing and/or subpar wood quality. So, you should invest in an instrument that is unlikely to change significantly over the years. Being known as the flagship of the Seagull line, the S6 Original includes a pressure tested cedar top, a silver leaf maple neck, a custom polished semi-gloss finish, and a bolder look on the neck, back and sides. It’s no coincidence that the best-sounding guitars will also maintain their structure and balance better than all others. It also had very prominent issues with intonation. While it may be a step up in price, the Academy 12 makes up for it with unparalleled playability, superior construction and beautiful sound. Thats based on a few different factors, one being the NT neck joint, also, the ES-t electronics, ebony fretboard and bridge, and I love how on Taylors there is no hump at the 12th fret like there is on other almost all other guitars. Coming in different colors and editions, Seagull delivers on its promise of reliable class, gorgeous sound, and overall glowing architecture of a great traditional instrument. We do extensive research and hands-on testing, so you can trust the products we recommend. Still, our budget pick Ibanez – AW54OPN is a quality affordable option. En achetant une Taylor ou une Martin on paye très cher la marque. At similar price points, the overall sound, playability and structural reliability of the Taylor – Academy 12 trumps the Seagull S6 without question. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Seagull S6 Original is more popular Every piece of wood is different, and quality wood with solid manufacturing comes at a higher price. Taylor’s website states: “One of the biggest reasons why new guitar players give up is the lack of a quality instrument. It’s surprising that Yamaha would let this guitar leave the factory with this intonation issue, but it’s also possible the instrument warped on its own due to climate changes or during transit. Lullaby. It just felt and sounded like a far more expensive guitar. This does vary, however, and construction of the guitar also plays a large role in the instrument’s resonance. The Taylor – GS Mini may be small, but it packs a huge punch. This distance is known as an “octave,” and if the guitar is properly intonated, each fretted note should exactly match its open-stringed counterpart. When the strings are too hard to press into the fretboard, students (particularly children) can get very discouraged and quickly storm away with sore fingertips. Tonally, you can expect the GS Mini to be bright and focused. Te comento como está construido este post. There are, however, acoustic guitars with “pickups” installed within the body cavity. 3 years ago. 1 Answer. The F335 felt and played significantly better than the FS800. Available in dreadnought and grand concert body shapes, the Academy 12 produces a bright and balanced sound. This is the very fine balance of string proximity to fretboard. The importance of picking a quality acoustic guitar, even for a beginner, is unparalleled to other instruments. Looking into the Seagull S6 Original Review This guitar is an excellent pick for players on a budget and for those looking for ease of playability with well-built construction from a reliable company. The neck is thinner and narrower than many other guitars in this price range, including the Seagull S6. Some of the lower end Breedloves sound really good too.. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. In addition to its low action and beautifully bright and resonant tone, the guitar rested comfortably between my lap and strumming arm with the aid of Taylor’s ergonomic armrest cut into the edge of the guitar body. Warmer, earthier sound over the Taylor 114. The Taylor 110e is the smartest, cheapest way to experience that world-famous Taylor tone. Their 100 and 200 series guitars are good too, but in that price range, there are better options available that both sound better and also cost less.

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